Youth Visionaries

Young Visionaries are a very significant party of all activities of Vision Infinite foundation. The children and the adolescents of our community are encouraged to join and play their roles in all events of VIF. In this process they are motivated and groomed to be able to take the responsibilities for future leadership. Their number is increasing day by day, and gradually they are becoming important members of VIF.

The roles they play:

  • Assist the organization of events
  • Help individual booths
  • Support little kids to have fun
  • Introduce speakers during sessions
  • Help registration and raffle draw
  • Present and interact during sessions
  • Write articles for the brochures
  • Give their views for the development of the organization
  • They are very important target audience of VIF

VIF also take instant initiatives to adjust the needs of any changing circumstance. Organizing important sessions to get the reflections of the younger generation is an important part of VIF’s role.

VIF organizes sessions to listen to the young voices, their views, concerns and suggestions regarding family bonding and minimization of generation gap.

They get volunteer hours for their participation.